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Tyrone Owens is an animator, story artist and CG Generalist; working in Belfast, Northern Ireland; collaborating with some of Northern Ireland's animation and games production companies: Encycle Studios and Outsider Games.

Aspirations for film-making are to breathe life to inanimate rigs and drawings, creating a connection with the audience engaging with the characters and their story. 

BDes Hons Animation (student), attending Ulster University, Belfast Campus; working towards a Bachelor's Degree, in the chosen disciplinary area.

Also, contributing to the animation community as Events Manager, for the Animation Society; organized and hosted The First Irish Premiere of the Persistence of Vision, provided by a Q&A with the director, Kevin Schreck (via. Skype). 


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Tyrone Owens

CG Generalist and Animator

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Email: tyroneowens230@gmail.com

Web Adress: www.tyroneowens.com


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